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Audio interface not working (macOS Catalina and Focusrite Scarlett 2i2)


Running macOS Catalina (limited by hardware) on both a 2013 Macbook Pro as well as 2013 27" iMac.  Issue occurs on both.  Worked fine until early 2023 (just got around to post this).


Setup is Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with two mics as audio input and original audio for teaching piano.  I cannot recall which update came first, macOS or Zoom, but since early this this year the audio input could no longer be used as audio inputs as the audio signal kept getting severely clipped/muted.  Searched the forums for similar issues but could not find a solution that worked (deleting Zoom, clearing out files, reinstalling latest Zoom, creating an aggregate audio device, etc.).  The audio input could be used to record using Quicktime and Audacity without any issues.


Out of curiosity, I plugged the audio interface into a 2019 MacBook Pro running the latest macOS Ventura (13.4.1) and Zoom (5.13.11).  Interestingly, the audio issue disappeared and I could hear clean audio in setting.  This makes be believe the issue is isolated to Macs running older macOS or possibly older hardware.  The fact that it was working before and started glitching after an update indicates it is a bug that can be fixed.  It could also be an Apple issue (bad audio drivers?).


Hoping Zoom devs can look into this.



I have exactly the same problem even if my system is Ventura 13.5.2 and interface Yamaha AG06 (I tried with Focusrite, no diference)

I downgraded Zoom to 5.12.9 and everything became normal, but Zoom forced me to update, and there I am with the same problem (v. 5.16.6): Voice are good, but the keyboard is irregular, mostly inaudible.

The interface as input on the Mac shows regal sound, the same with OBS, but not with Zoom!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Have you disabled all software-based audio processing in Zoom (function potentially tied to specific chips) and enabled 'Original Sound for Musicians' already?


More info here:


Just want to rule this out first!


Thank you! I am with MacBook Pro and updated software. Will you please be more transparent when you say "disabled all software-based audio processing in Zoom"? I think I do not have any other software or hardware related with the sound, furthermore, all sound arrive clear to the computer input.

I tried all opções for the sound tab in Zoom. Previous to the problem, I used "original sound for musicians", stereo mode, and HI-fi and not any other. It worked just fine. Now the voice via audio-interface is clear, but not the instrument, and I changed the interface, exactly with the same result, it looks like Zoom filters (badly) the keyboard. I think this cirscustance would be very easy to replicate.

Thank you very much