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Advanced Quiz Report


Really excited about this new functionality, and just tested it

When I generated the report after the quiz is completed, I was able to see the participant's name and answers selected/given.

Question: There is no indication which question the participant get wrong (for those set up with correct answer)? That is the idea of a quiz I would think, to flag the correct/wrong answers in order to address the wrong/acknowledge what was answered correctly?


The goal is to be able to provide the quiz report to the participant's manager so that they are made aware of how their team members fared during the meeting; but the report does not indicate which questions are answered correctly, nor provide the correct answer

Is there a setting?  Or something I am not doing right?



I as well am quite happy to see all the improvements to Polls/Quizzes. I've been getting familiar with them the last few days. I like you do not see a way to generate a report such as a grade card per person. It seems that setting and displaying the correct answers to questions simply displays the correct answer to each individual user while they take the quiz.

Maybe we'll see this type of report in the future.

Jeff Widgren

Jeff Widgren


Agreed.  While it's great we can create a quiz now, the fact that I need to tell my faculty the quiz report doesn't tell you if someone got an answer correct, (short/long answer questions excluded for obvious reasons) or allows you to set a score and see someone's score, is something of a turn off so far.


My colleague and I just tested this feature and were disappointed that the quiz results export report doesn't include a person's total correct percentage and whether they got individual questions right or wrong. It would be much more useful this way.  Is this development on the product roadmap? Canvas is already gathering the quiz data, so I'm hoping they will move toward making these reports more useful. 

I see that LTI  Pro 1.3 is supposed to offer the following enhancements that leverage the Assignment and Grade Service:

  • Zoom meeting attendance will update the LMS platform’s gradebook
  • Zoom poll results will update the LMS platform’s gradebook

But when will these changes be rolled out in Zoom? I've been hearing about them for a long time and had been told at one point that they would be available in 2021. Did I miss where these changes were implemented?