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Additional dial in numbers don't update in Google Calendar


We are using Google Calendar with the Zoom for G Suite Add-On. When arranging a meeting for another user, international dial in numbers can't be amended after the meeting is created.


To replicate the issue:

User A has full rights to User B's Google Calendar and Zoom Account

User A creates a Calendar event on behalf of User B, (making User B the organiser). The Zoom for G Suite Add-On creates and synchronises the Zoom meeting details to the event in User B's Calendar - including dial in numbers for User B's default countries

User A saves the event

User A wants to add an additional dial in country to this specific meeting:

In the Zoom admin interface, User A browses to the meeting in User B's meeting list and opens it. User A then adds another country to the meeting and saves the meeting.

User A refreshes their google calendar and opens the calendar entry for the meeting, the new dial in numbers ARE NOT listed under 'Joining Instructions'. In the right hand 'Zoom for G Suite' panel, the dial in numbers ARE listed. Pressing the 'update' button in the Zoom for G Suite Add-On does not refresh the meeting dial in information in the calendar event.

For our executive admin team, this makes it hard to add dial in information on a 'per meeting' basis for our senior exec's. Recipients do cannot see the additional country dial in information.

Bear in mind, User A does not have permission to change User B's default countries (which is what populates the original meeting invite)