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Accessibility via Zoom links


I work in research with populations who generally have a hard time with accessibility. We use zoom meetings twice a week with these participants. We always email them the day before with our same zoom link (and meetingID and passcode). One of our participants recently expressed frustration with the zoom link because when they click on it, it takes them to a web page with a big blue button that seems like it should get them into the meeting. That button, as we know, is actually only if you're the host of the meeting. Other participants join the meeting by clicking on another link below the button which is very small. The frustration here is understandable because many of our participants are recovering from health issues or are elderly. There are often difficulties reading small print (such as that additional link). One of our biggest goals is to make our participants more self sufficient. The small print is making it so that our participants cannot join their community without additional help. 

Is there a way to change that screen so that it is easier to see and join for those who are not hosting? This may be a question for whoever actually web designs zoom, but I have no way to contact them. We need a big button!