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A member can't access any recordings


I have a member who cannot access any of the recordings from her Windows laptop if the registration requirement is turned on. She has always been able to in the past and it just stopped working last week. She is the only person that this happens to and I have not changed any settings on my end. Everyone else can access it fine as normal. If I turn off the registration requirement, she can view it, but I need this to be kept on so I can keep track of viewers. She clicks the link, enters the registration info, clicks the "I am not a robot" box and, for everyone else, it then asks for a password but for her, it just loops back to asking her to register again and again. She checked to make sure her zoom, chrome and laptop were all up to date. Uninstalled and reinstalled zoom. It has nothing to do with her account because she can access it from her phone. It is only her laptop that has stopped working. I would appreciate if anyone has any other suggestions that I could give her. Thanks!



Just for extra information, she can access the LIVE meetings with the registration, password, etc...  This is only happening on the recordings.