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Desktop App 5.15.7 "Mail" shows notification dot but hangs on "Loading"


Since there's no "Mail" location (fwiw, there's no "Calendar" either), I'm using "Team Chat."


This is a business account, but it’s a small business. And before everyone starts giving me helpful Windows tips, thank you but I’m on a Mac (OS 12.6.7 Monterey). The ironic thing about this is that I DON’T want to connect my mail, but I DID want to connect my calendar. Now I’m stuck with a Mail notification dot that drives my OCD nuts.


Scrolling to the bottom of my (online) Zoom Account Profile, under "Others," Calendar, Contact, and Mail all have Read and Write checked. No way to change (uncheck) them there. If I click the "Edit" button next to my Microsoft account, and sign into that, Zoom just replies with a message that I’ve successfully connected my calendar. Again.


Is there a chance that this was set at the company level, and (say) Mail can’t be synced because of settings there, but Zoom Desktop still thinks it should sync, so we get into an "open the pod bay doors, Hal" situation of two competing mission directives? THANKS folks!