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Connect Apple Calendar No Longer Exists


Hi Everyone,


is it me or did the Apple calendar integration all of a sudden disappear?





Yes, maybe it's just me being brain dead, but the calendar integration seems terrible! I can't get it to work at all.


Me too. I updated Zoom and a scheduled meeting disappeared. Then, trying to re-connect my Apple calendar, I found that Zoom no longer has iCal as an option. What gives?

I seem to have fixed my specific problem, both on my iPhone (in Zoom settings) and on my Mac. Three things I did on the Mac: 1) In the Mac's system settings, I noticed that Zoom did not have Full Disk Access, so I added Zoom to the list of allowed apps; 2) Under Zoom's online Settings > Calendar, the "Automatically sync Zoom calendar events bi-directionally between Zoom and integrated calendars" was not enabled, so I enabled it; 3) a scheduled meeting that should recur weekly had been set to end the first week of January, so I changed the end date. (That last one was obviously user error.) Don't know which of these did the trick, but now my upcoming meetings are showing up. However, I still don't get the choice of syncing with my Apple calendar.

These are good suggestions and I poked around a little.  Did you find anything for iCal?

Yes, this is exactly the problem....where is the iCal option and what happened to it?  Would be good if someone from Zoom were to help out with this question..


I just noticed I can't sync up my iCal.  Instead of flipping into my calendar on my iPhone, it wants me to send a email.  Is there no longer a Zoom-Apple love connection?  I'm only seeing Add to:  Google, Outlook & Yahoo.  Annoying.  


I have this problem too.  Zoom use to integrate with Apple Calendar but it is no longer available.  Worse Zoom now somehow connects with Outlook which I do not want and I cannot turn this off.   Why?