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require authentication and authentication exceptions for non-zoom users


I am helping to organize a large Zoom Events with few hundred attendees whom they have registered separately.

I need some authentication as only registered attendees are allowed to join the  webinars. They are just mainly individuals using personal emails for registration.


On the other hand, their registered emails may not be link to zoom accounts and the committee will not want each attendee to create zoom acc and also sign-in before joining webinars. 


If i I set 'require authentication to join webinar' but also add authentication exceptions for all, it might work but i have to manually enter them all. This seems too much work.

Only authenticated meeting participants and webinar attendees can join meetings and webinars is enabled and then click Add Configuration.

There seems to be another way to configure authentication in security section. However, can i choose multiple configuration like either Sign in to Zoom or Signed in to account associated with invited email?


How will the Signed in to account associated with invited email work when they are joining? If the registered emails are gmail/outlook/yahoo/etc, do they open one desktop browser tab and sign in to the accounts and another tab to zoom ? On mobile, will the android/ios able to pass down signed-in status to the zoom app?


Please advise or any other better way. thanks