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Webinar with only authenticated user can join settings is enabled


As an Admin, I create a webinar with "only authenticated user can join" enabled, and registration required is also enabled. Let's say there are two zoom accounts, a@mail(Participant A)  and b@mail (Participant B)  Participant A does registers for that webinar and gets an invitation URL (unique URL) and Participant B doesn't register for that webinar. Participant A shares his invitation URL with Participant B. When participant B tries to join the webinar using the shared URL, He needs to log in and log in using his email (b@mail). And turn out, Participant B successfully join the webinar even if he login using his account/email(b@mail) and the Participant A invitation URL (invitation with a@mail). Is it expected behavior? It seems that "Only authenticated user can join the webinar" is not validate the email of the signed user if the user using the invitation URL (unique URL) to join the webinar.