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Recording Restrictions for Free Accounts


Hi there,


As a free account user, I want to learn if there are any restrictions or a limit on recording a group meeting? I am planning a day long workshop with a few sections and I would like to record them all. But, I am not sure if there is any time limit linked to a free account.


I understand that all my recordings can be saved locally. Would this be correct?


Any advise would be great.





Hi Anna


As per the free user account information available on the website, you can only have


Unlimited Group Meetings up to 40 mins (up to 100 participants)


So i guess the meeting will be available for 40 minutes and then you might need to start it again which means the meeting will be interrupted.  Yes, you can save the file locally on to the device. Please read the recording details here


Note: Local recording is not supported on iOS and Android. See cloud recording for paid accounts if you are using a mobile device.


Since you are going for a full day workshop, i guess a paid plan would be better to have an un interrupted session and recording?


Kind regards






Is there a limit to the length of a local recording for a free account for just one on one meetings?

Hi, @erikkhill ! 
Since no-one has responded to you yet, I hope this will help ...
Since the May 2nd 2022 Zoom update, all Free Accounts have a 40 minute limit, for just 2 participants *and* for 3 or more participants ... 
This means that a local recording for a Free Account is limited to at most 40 minutes - and may be a little less depending upon when the 40 minute countdown starts - is it when the first person joins the meeting or is it when the second person joins the meeting ? 
Does this help ?