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Payment for webinar subscriptions.


The conditions for webinar payments were changed.  I should pay monthly for webinars. If I have only one webinar with attendee 3000 how can I change my billing monthly  subscriptions from 3000 to  500 attendee e.g. instead of paying 921€/monhtly to pay only 74€/month after my webinar with 3000 attendee. The  second question is - if I subscribe for monthly webinar and I immediately canceled this subsriptions may I use during one month for webinar with all functions?  Thanks. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

go to Billing and change your webinar to 500, and then you can buy an one-time addon for 3000 when you need it.  Yes, when you purchase for a month and then cancel, you pay for the month so the license can be used till expired.

Denise Lahat
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