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Missing two particpants voices


I downloaded a cloud recording of a Q&A I did.  Audio of two of the questioners was silent on the recording but I could hear them on the call.   Can this be fixed.? Should I be afraid to use zoom for events where I need to record?  I've not had problems before.  I was in focus mode.



I'm afraid Zoom has absolutely no technical support for free users.

I've reported a bug (unexpected disconnects) a week ago and sent few reports from inside Zoom for Windows, but there is still not reaction from the Zoom team, only two users with same bug replied my topic. I'm reading latest posts now and I see Zoom became unstable. I've never experienced any problems with it since spring of 2020. I'm afraid it's time to look for some open-source replacement for Zoom otherwise I'm at risk failing start my lectures next week.

Here is similar post to your issue: Recording missing sound for one participant. For my issue, some users are kicked from the conference and they do not see any voice and any video. For your case some users are silent.


I have been using Zoom since 2020 for online theatre with no problems at all but on the 21st August 2022, I experienced the same problem with a recording of event. I have a paid account and like you am wondering whether I need to change provider as I have another event next week. 



One event per week is not as big problem as every day lectures when the lecturer is kicked out from the meeting in about 1 minute from the start.