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Low bandwidth message


I use zoom to attend regular meetings. I normally do this on my HP Envy laptop which is only about a year old, without any problems.  I have not changed any settings but about a month ago I suddenly started to get low bandwidth message displayed, when I joined my meeting and the screen size would be minimal and keep freezing.  

Has anyone any idea what causes this.  I am in contact with my broadband supplier who is looking into it but progress is slow.  In the meantime I am having to use my iPad for zoom meetings which is OK but nit ideal.



I've a similar, but different issue: My PC's bandwidth in generell is reduced as soon as I start ZOOM. It not even needs an active zoom call.

The bandwith of my PC as a whole reduces immediately from 900 MBit/s (Gigabit-fiber connection) to 3 MBit/sec the moment I start the ZOOM app. Even for other applications.
As soon as I kill ZOOM via taskmanager, the bandwidth recovers instantly.

Any ideas?

Sorry for the delay in replying, but I wanted to test my zoom connection today before I replied.  I have resolved my zoom issues, but it has been a long and complicated journey.  To cut a long story short my issues have been due to my internet connection.  Like you as soon as I started zoom I got low bandwidth messages.  The problem was I couldn’t check my speeds on the web site, as they always came back with an error message.  Then I lost my internet connection completely.  I managed to contact customer services at Talk Talk and according to the person I spoke to my copper cable connection had been terminated.  In the middle of this I was waiting for City Fibre to be installed.  I was totally without internet for over a week.  Contacting Talk Talk again they told me the copper cable was back up and running, so I made the assistant wait while I checked.  No internet.  Next step Talk Talk did a full diagnostic check and decided my router was the problem, so arranged for a new router to be sent.  New router arrived, internet connected, but still low speeds or unable to check.  I do think this is due to Talk Talk reducing the speeds.  Less than a week later we had City Fibre installed.  Fantastic job, they checked my speeds after installation and they were back up to guaranteed level.  Today had first Zoom meeting on City Fibre.  Checked speeds beforehand to be on the safe side and everything connected perfectly.  Was the copper cable terminated or was it a faulty router all along? Did the problems with the copper cable cause my router to fail?  That I don’t know.  I don’t know whether any of this will help you at all but maybe it will give you some ideas.  
I’d be interested to know.  


Regards from Germany! 🙂

Finally, after months, I have found what I believe to be a "countermeasure" for a WINDOWS error.

i found the solution on a German website (; translated "pcworld"...) which describes a feature of windows:

Windows apparently tries to ensure sufficient bandwidth for streaming software and therefore throttles the bandwidth for other applications or tries to share the bandwidth "fairly" between all applications.

This feature does not always seem to work properly.

I don't know what triggers this feature either, but the solution is as follows:

You have to change an entry in the WINDOWS registry database!

The Throttling can be disabled as follows:


  1. Go to the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile]
  2. Open the DWORD-Value for "NetworkThrottlingIndex"
  3. Set this value to "ffffffff" (8 times "f").
  4. Save and exit
  5. Restart Windows

This solved my problem permanently!

Maybe this is the right solution for you, too?


The link to the German website you can find here (let Google translate... 😉  )

Hope this helps you!