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Google Ads Conversions From Registrations


Running ads for a company to promote a webinar each month. The problem I am facing is that when a potential client clicks the registration page link, all the Google click id info is lost. Is there an integration or process I can use to preserve the date (URL parameters) from the Source Page and carry that over to the Registration Page?


I already know a process using Zapier to link the Zoom participant creation to create a conversion in Google Ads. The problem is that without the click ID, Google can only see that a conversion was tracked, but it has no idea what caused the conversion.


Client Path diagramed below:


Ad Clicked --> Our LP -(All click data lost here)-> Zoom Meeting Registration LP --> Creates Google Conversion.



Essentially the problem now is that Google brings in leads, but doesn't understand, due to lack of detailed feedback, which clicks the leads are coming from.


Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.