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Forwarding delay from URL


We are forwarding from the URL "" to a Zoom webinar Registration page. When the URL is clicked, it redirects first to a page that says, "This site can’t be reached". When the Enter key is clicked again, it connects properly to the Zoom Registration page.

I've checked with the support from the domain registrar and the forward is configured properly and it appears the problem is on Zoom's side.

Any thoughts on how to rectify this problem so the forward connects properly with just the initial click?

Thank you.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @DWexler ,


Apologies that we had not gotten to your community post sooner as I see that your webinar has now passed. Thank you  again for your contribution. Could you share with the community how you were able to fix this issue? I went to the page you mentioned above, and it took me directly to the webinar page. I think the community would appreciate any insights learned! 



Zoom Community Team