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Zoom video playing laggy since Feb 28th


We have been experiencing serious lag in videos played in Zoom since February 28th. Before that time, we never had any issue with it. These are videos played during the same training by different trainers, using different computers, at different locations, all plugged into internet connections. (Not using wireless.) The lag is experienced by the attendees, but not the trainer playing the video. Audio is fine, but the picture is extremely jumpy. All the usual suspects are eliminated as all the trainers are experiencing it from different ISPs, locations, and computers.  Any idea what happening? Is there some issue with Zoom?



Same here - I'm experiencing severe video lag (audio is fine) since March 2, 2023. I always take the updates and my machine is two months old - M1 MacBookPro, everything is updated.


The audio is great but the video is delayed and freezes badly. It doesn't resolve during the meeting but persists.


Experiencing lag during Zoom video calls can be frustrating, especially  when it impacts communication. It's a good idea to ensure your internet connection is stable, your Zoom app is up to date, and your device's resources aren't overloaded, as these factors can often contribute to lag issues.