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Zoom Events: Higher Education's Standard on how to connect with people across the globe

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

A client of mine that I worked with recently was a postgraduate-only school and was well-known globally for its advanced research, modern facilities, and excellent science, technology, and management programs. When the pandemic started back then, they quickly switched to using Zoom for remote teaching. But this was just the start of their creative use of the platform.

The School Director decided to do it in two ways through Zoom Events. One was to make online classes feel like real classrooms. The other was to use it for marketing and teaching in a more engaging way. The reception was a success as students and teachers liked the ideas.

By using production studio, the school found new ways to engage students and others online. Teachers could bring in guest speakers and do special lectures, making learning more interesting. They organized many events like conferences, classes, and community gatherings, all helping to improve the school's reputation and reach more people.

In the future, they wanted to do even more and aimed to make online events even better and more engaging. This would likely lead to more important events at the university being held online using Zoom, setting a new standard for how universities connect with people across the globe.

"Challenges help us grow, try and learn new things, welcome constructive feedback, embrace uncertainty, and always assume the best intentions, especially with our teammates." - from a respected leader

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Love to hear this!! Thank you for sharing @bdelossantos 😎

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