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Troubleshooting recording "locked" view of account holder's camera ONLY asap if possible


Hello!  Appreciative of any help asap.


Setup as follows:  I am recording someone participating in a sport lesson.  It is my Zoom account and I am using my iphone.  The clinician is on the Zoom with me.  The person being taught is on her phone with the clinician separately.  We would like to record the session with MY CAMERA VIEW, able to hear the clinician as well.  So we want to lock the screen on MY VIEW, not that of the clinician, who will be the speaker 99% of the time. We have only been able to record with it capturing the speaker, who is the clinician, every time she speaks, while we want to see the person being taught only, while able to hear the speaker's lesson.  

Thank you!

We have tried everything we know and have learned online.  Could someone please help asap?  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It sounds like spotlighting will do what you're looking for.