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Sudden issues with privacy


I use my personal meeting room (same ID for each meeting) for telehealth with clients (I am a psychologist). 

In the last few weeks I have noticed that in the participants list (I use MacOS desktop zoom) participants who have left their appointment continue to show up in a submenu called "Left". 

Subsequent clients entering the zoom meeting can see this list, which obviously identifies the previous clients as their zoom names (99% of the time their full name) are visible. They can see the Left list in participants. 

I am unsure as to why this has suddenly changed.


This is an urgent matter. I can only clear this list by ending the meeting and restarting. This means all participants in the waiting room are booted out and need to rejoin, destroying the very purpose of that room. I have attached a screenshot of what a client joining a meeting will see with names blurred out for privacy. I have recreated this using my personal devices and can see each previous meeting participant that has left. I have not found any meeting or privacy setting that turns this off. 


If this cannot be solved I cannot continue to use zoom. I have a paid account that I have been using for three years.



I have exactly the same problem described by Holly. I am also a psychologist doing telehealth, and I need my clients to not be able to see previous meeting participants in my personal meeting room.


I noticed that this started happening for me around the time that I enabled end-to-end encryption for all my meetings. I just tested disabling end to end encryption and I can confirm that the "Left" list has disappeared.


It's very strange given that E2E encryption is supposed to protect privacy, but it actually makes it worse.


I need a way to enabled E2E encryption, but disable the "Left" list.