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Singing voice quality in high register


I'm working with my vocal coach via zoom.  I'm a soprano and microphone cuts out on any notes above c on the staff.  In other words, higher frequencies cut out.  On his end.

What setting can we use to fix this?  Thanks


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

High-fidelity music mode should help you out, as long as your coach's audio output device is not the issue.

You can both enable this feature, but you will need to be cognizant about your muting - only one of you should be talking/singing at a time, during which the other must mute (as we all should be doing anyway)!


Thank you for mentioning this issue- I have the same problem.

When I use the Zoom settings to test my mic input (laptop speaker, USB connection vocal mic, or 3mm jack earbuds) the sound stops at C or above notes. My voice lesson teacher cannot hear me singing in my soprano voice - I can hear her hitting the same notes, no problem.

Zoom: how do I fix this?

I am fully updated.  I have turned OFF automatically adjust microphone volume and set to about 75%. ON Original sound. ON echo cancellation. OFF high fidelity. OFF stereo audio.


Thanks for the help - I need it!

Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee