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Caring for You Customer Story

Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Caring for You is an award-winning nursing agency who had a rapid period of growth during the pandemic and needed a solution that would scale with them. They were also looking for a solution to accommodate the nurses in rural areas who need a reliable phone and conferencing solution.


After success with Zoom Phone, they quickly turned to Zoom Contact Center to up-level how their customers’ experience with their agents. The transparent reporting and ability to monitor and measure interactions translated into greater efficiency and an overall better experience for both agents and customers.


As an organization built around helping others, Caring For You uses the convenience of Zoom’s all-in-one communications and collaboration platform to help create a more relaxed atmosphere for agents to serve their clients. 💙👩‍⚕️


Read more of Caring for You's customer story here:


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

"Zoom gives you all the tools to have the latest technology for 5-10 years. We shouldn’t need to upgrade to anything new to meet our clients’ needs. It has the capabilities, the reporting, the security, and the platform effect. There’s nothing else that offers everything in one solution." 👏🏾👏🏾


Thanks for sharing this amazing story!! 

Zoom Community Team
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