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Camera on uses 96% more carbon than Camera off


Hi Zoom Community - My first post

I wrote an article in our Company Community - encouraging our teams to engage more in our meetings by having cameras on rather than off - To encourage team work, community and engagement. This provoked a good discussion but I got into a discussion with one developer saying that "Having a camera on - used 96% more carbon than turning the camera off"  citing this study


We debated but when I read the study it seemed filled with generalisations and assumptions. I am eager to get our teams using Zoom - with cameras on, when appropriate but would be interested if there is any technical info regarding a zoom call with camera on or the same zoom call with camera off.  I recognise there is processing server side and so may be more than just the data across the network. 

Does anyone have any data or information of the data difference - or indeed if using camera is 96% more carbon than audio only perhaps we should be encouraging "switch off where possible" .


I realise this is a complex topic bit any decent information would be most useful