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Breakout rooms set- and random groups



I am new to Zoom and have a question I am hoping someone can help me answer!? 🙂


I am working for a school that uses Zoom for some of its digital classes. In this case we would like to have pre-assigned set groups for every week, but in the beginning of the class we also want the option to have randomly selected groups in the breakout rooms. Is there a way where you can use both these functions? If yes - how?

Also, is it possible to share and save documents  in the "set group" breakout rooms? 


Thank you so much in advance,



Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hello! Yes, you can use both pre-assigned breakout rooms and randomly selected breakout rooms in a Zoom Meeting.  You can schedule a recurring meeting and set up pre-assigned breakout rooms to use for each meeting (here is more information about pre-assigning breakout rooms:   

You can also select the option to "Recreate" breakout rooms to create new rooms, which includes the option to automatically assign participants to breakout rooms, and then you can select "Recover to pre-assigned rooms" to recreate the breakout rooms with the pre-assigned arrangement.  Here is more information:


Today there is not an option to share & save documents in the breakout rooms. 

Here are additional resources from the Zoom Learning Center you may find helpful as well:
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