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"Required field Not Completed: State/Province"


In the attempt to update my bank card details, all was ready, and so I clicked. Then the system of Zoom began to demand this: "Required field Not Completed: State/Province". So the update was impossible, but when I was searching the entire page, there was no location to write such details, like "state" (up here in Northern Europa). I use Zoom's Pro version, if that matters. Has anyone faced this, and how you solved it ?



We are having the exact same problem. Have you solved it? I've been searching around and can't find a solution...

I see. Till now, no solution. Not from Zoom crew nor from anywhere else any reply. And now my old bank card already expired. Will update here, if any solution found out.


Same  thing.  I  am  trying to upgrade and  get  that  error  code that does not let me  complete the  transaction.  1.jpg

Found my  own  answer,  leaving this  here in case someone runs into the same  issue  

There is a  checkbox  that is  supposed  to  use the  same  account  contact information  for  filling in  your  credit card  billing information  . 


Unfortunately  it does  not in fact  transfer  anything  into  the  State / Province  field  (which is  hidden with the  rest of the  Credit  Card  info).    To  fix  this,   uncheck the  "Same  as  Bill to  Contact"   and  fill in the  whole  list  of  info..... including the   State / Province  field.  You should be  able  to  check out...  oh  do  remember  to  google   (zoom  cupons)  if  it's your first  year.   You can get a  30%  discount  with little  work.  


I changed my credit card tried to update the new one - again asked for State/Province - being in the UK, doesn't apply. Sent three messages to Zoom, ignored, called them couldn't get through.  Out of desperation under "state/province" I typed three dot symbols and it worked.  Hope if you have similar problem, it will work, and really dissatisfied with the support that Zoom provides. 


Hi @Jay108,

Hope so you're doing good, review the form where you entered your bank card details and make sure there isn't a specific section or field for the State/Province information that you might have overlooked. Ensure you have filled out all the required fields accurately. f you cannot locate the State/Province field or encounter difficulties, it is recommended to reach out to Zoom's support team for assistance. They can provide guidance and help troubleshoot the issue, as they have access to specific details about your Zoom account and can offer targeted solutions. If there is no dedicated State/Province field and you are unable to proceed with the update, you can consider entering alternative information that may be accepted by the system. For example, you could try entering "N/A" (not applicable) or leave the field blank if it allows. Ensure that you are using the latest version of Zoom and that any available updates have been installed. Sometimes, software updates address known issues or provide fixes for specific problems.

Hope so this will work for you!


Bryce June