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newsletter are sent in languages I do not understand



zoom continues to choice the language of the communication it sends me

for example, the last "Zoom Newsletter - Juli 2023" is in German.

All German communication are for bin as 99% of it it's spam.

Nobody understand german here. And no way to change this.

My profile is set in 'French'. I do not see any other language possibilities.

Zoom contact system doesn't provide any possibility to communicate this kind of problem. Only choice is to unsubscribe from newsletters...

Anybody living in a multilanguage country ?



Hi danbe59,

I searched through all my Company Account settings and don't really see a way to change the language, so I'm assuming that's not where it's set. It might be a location issue. For this one, I would recommend contacting Zoom Support and see if they can change it on their end.


Hi AaronO,


how to contact Zoom Support? Any of the option I have to choose to launch a support request has nothing to do with this problem. I spent a lot of time navigating here and there, but no way for me to pass through the robotic roadblocks.
It is in fact a location issue as robots assume that Switzerland is a German speaking only country. Too bad, we have 4 national languages...

If you have a way to contact any human at Zoom support...

many thanks for your time.