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Zoom doesn't care about error 1132


So, basically the error 1132 is when APPARENTLY one person has violated the zoom's rules. 


Apparently because they have a very stupid policy, they don't even try to send an alert or something similar before to block the MAC address of a device, and exactly , they don't blocked the profile like a lot of times i read here, they pretend to say they block profiles, but actually they block physical machine.


But they wanna tell us they are so kind they forgive us the first time if we have been. bad kids, but only the first time.


So if you have bought for instance a second hand laptop from a pretty bad kid, you are so happy to have saved maybe a lot of money, but when you tried to download zoom and use it as usual, you are gonna to discover you can't use zoom. Ever. With the laptop you just bought it. And the stupid thing, is that at the beginning you don't understand whats going on, so you try to enter on zoom with your phone, and it works perfectly..  so with your heart full of hope, you try to send the famous "report" to discover that Sara answers you saying you have been a bad kid, and we told you already once, so this is the second time and no! Your laptop won't able to have the access on zoom anymore.

And you could try to answer to the amazing Sara saying that actually you have just bough that laptop, and saying but when or how I have been a bad kid, tell me what I did, or why if I did something wrong my profile works perfectly with another device! But Sara won't answer you ever anymore. Especially if you are poor guys and you don't pay I dunno how much for some super special premium account. In that case I'm ignorant, I've no idea if there is a Sara.02 more kind that actually is gonna solve your problem. Lucky you in that case to be richer than me. I can't afford Sara.02, sorry, apparently I'm a bad and poor kid.


The most funny part is that totally random I receive an email of John where he was asking me to please give to him the details of the meeting where something happened. 

He was asking to me.

Yes, he was asking to me, after 2 or 3 emails where I WAS ASKING THEM to give me the details of the meeting where apparently I was a bad kid. 


So good luck guys. They don't care at all if some of us has the error 1132, because now they are making so much money in the world from the pandemic, that you really think they wanna spend energy for a proper customer service for few poor kids? 


Best of luck to everyone. 


(sara I love you, you know it.. c'mon..)



Me ocurrió lo mismo, y he enviado correos a todos lados, adjunte capturas, y no me Dan solución....