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Zoom account no longer accessible due to single sign-on after changing e-mail adress



I have changed my e-mail address at Zoom from a private Google address  to a business address. To access the Zoom account, I used the single sign-on system via a Google email address.
After switching to the business email address, I was unable to log in to Zoom using either the business email address or the single sign-on system. So I cancelled the whole thing. However, I still can't log in to my Zoom account and I always get the following error message:
"Signing in to your Zoom account is not possible with this method. Contact your IT administrator for instructions. (2.025)"

The business IT support was unable to help me as my business address is no longer linked to Zoom. I can't get any further in the settings of my G-Mail address.
How do I get access to this Zoom account again?

Thank you & best regards