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Zoom Sign in Screen


My sign in screen is always blank. Is there a way to save my user name and password so I don't have to key it in every time I want to sign in? Win 11, Chrome, desktop and/or laptop.  All other Apps save this info so you don't have to key it every time. 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @TheronRogers.


First, you’ll need a Zoom account. You likely already have one, but if you don’t, I highly recommend signing up – even for the free Basic account.


Then decide if you want to install the Zoom app (highly recommended!) or just join meetings straight in the browser (not ideal).


To have Zoom fill in all of your information and maintain your profile picture, log into Zoom’s Web Portal at – then join from there.


Most frequent Zoom users will install the Zoom app, log into that, and Join Meetings from there. If you have the app installed and are logged in, you will get the app version of Zoom Meetings and Webinars, which will grab the info based on your logged in profile – even if you click a Join link outside of the Zoom app… like in an email. 

If you are already doing this — being logged in either to the Zoom Web Portal out the Zoom app – then pay sure that the information on your profile is filled in. Click the Profile menu item on the left side of the Web Portal view. 

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Thanks for the reply. Trying to narrow it down I have discovered it is a problem using two computers. If I sign in on my desktop, then just "X" out, it does not sign me out of the application. It just removes it from the screen.  Later, when I go to my laptop and try to sign in I must key in my user name and password. When I do it sign's me out of the desktop, saying only one at a time. Once I am signed out I must always key in again. If I don't sign out of the app it will always bring me back to the home screen. I assume you must exit the app on each computer after each use by signing out, but I don't see a way to do that, and it should not be necessary.