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Two accounts using the same email address for personal account


I have a personal paid account. When I went to create a meeting via google calendar and include zoom info, it said I had to log-in. I logged in with my email and password - but it said the password was incorrect, so I sent a password reset email to myself. That one said I had to log in via my google account on the log in page, so I did that. But then when I went back and tried to add the zoom meeting to the calendar event it said that I had a free account with a 40 minute meeting length - so I look at it on the zoom website and it's got me listed as a free user. I logged out, and tried logging in again with my email and password, but it now says I have to log in via gmail - and thus I'm stuck in a loop where I can't actually log in to the account that is paid (I double checked that the email I've been getting my billing info is the same address as the one I logged in with both previously and now via gmail). How do I get these accounts merged, or how do I delete the free account without losing the account that I've been paying for for months? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @britpixie 


This issue might need some special attention.  As you have at least one Paid, I would suggest you raise a support ticket for this particular issue.


Thank you!! I just did that - I was having a lot of trouble finding any way to contact support directly when I posted here.