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Trying to upgrade to pro


Trying to upgrade. Current location is Montenegro but credit card & mailing address is in UK.  Can't complete the upgrade process because the amount they're charging me is in euros but I'm trying to pay in pounds sterling.  I have gone into settings to change currency but only euros & us dollars are available to me???  I tried using a credit card which has a euro account ... no joy!  I'm stuck.  And frustrated. Do I want to upgrade if it's this hard?!  Help!!!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @DeniseBJ 


I would suggest contacting Zoom Sales or Billing Support. You can try the online chat - bottom-right at


You could also raise your enquiry


International payments, currency conversions, regulatory requirements, and particularly payment method authentication, can be a challenge when it comes to edge cases like this - particularly when provisioning a new account. A little extra work is sometimes required. But I am sure Zoom can get it sorted for you somehow.


Thanks Rupert.  I did speak to an advisor yesterday who should have raised a ticket but I haven't heard anything after 36 hours so I have raised an enquiry myself.