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British banking 'Strong Customer Authentication' (SCA)


Has anyone experienced problems with Zoom's accounting system. British banks are introducing another layer of security called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). It appears that Zoom has not made all the necessary changes to comply with SCA. This means that payment to Zoom will be prevented. You will then receive an email from Zoom saying payment has been declined by your bank. Furthermore, you cannot pay manually due to the same reason. You will then receive further emails from Zoom about your bank declining payment. It is a vicious circle until Zoom complies with banking SCA. 

My bank advises that if a card payment is declined, the retailer may not have made all the necessary changes to comply with SCA. Until this happens I have to check if Zoom offers an alternative payment method.

Personally, I am surprised that Zoom, being an international organisation, is not up to date on this change in UK banking procedure.



Yes, I have had the same issue and my bank have said the same.  I have spoken to zoom on the chat and they have raised a ticket to investigate. Let's see what they say!