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Tax Exemption for School


Is is just my account or has Zoom done this to everyone.  The support articles state going into my account, clicking on the billing tab, select payment then the sold to contact.  Well, I can't see any of this and I'm the admin for our organization.  Why do I not have the features to change my method of payment and why don't I have the ability to see the what is discussed in the tax exemption Zoom support?  I feel like Zoom service is lacking in this area leaving it's customers high and dry.  I've spend hours on the phone trying to get things changed but keep getting passed around and told to call our regional sales rep.  He states I need to call support at Zoom.  Frustration beyond description is what I'm feeling.... adding a tax exemption should be drag and drop and shouldn't require speaking with anyone. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

@jimlangston Hello and welcome to the Zoom Community! This forum is for questions regarding the Zoom Contact Center product. Because our community is public, we are not able to assist with billing inquiries. For assistance with your account and billing, please find options for Zoom Support here.

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