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Subscription Refund




My business subscription was set up for a previous employer under an employers email that i no longer have access to. I was recently charged for an annual renewable.


I managed to reset the email on the account, cancel the subscription but it seems impossible to request a refund.

I have no requirement for the service.


I have raised 2 separate request tickets, the first one 10 days ago which has went completely unanswered. I have read that you can escalate these requests but for some reason cant.


I gave up on the phone after 1hr on hold and the chat bot is useless.


Short of raising an issue with ombudsman (in im uk), I dont know what else to do.


Any suggestions?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @rorymc 


I'm sorry to hear you've had such difficulty requesting a refund. May I have your ticket number(s)? I'm happy to take a look and ensure it receives prompt attention.