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I am using my account for me to post here.


This is regarding a company account, support (at) ZYZ. We have not used this account in a long time and are now trying to recover it.


We want to keep the address because it is tied to our support email address but because we have not used it in a while, it has no support plan yet and as such is unable to get live support.


When I try to do a "forgot password" I receive the following email:


A request was made to change the password for your account. Because your account admin has disabled signing in with your work email, please click the button below and sign in with one of the other listed methods.
Go to Sign-in Page <>
However, this is a standalone account with no "Admin." I have spoken with the live chat and they keep saying create a new account. We do not want to use a different email address. I have asked them to delete the account associated with the email address and/or enable the sign-in but I have been unable to reach anyone who can assist me.
Any ideas?
Thank you!


As it has been 5 days since I posted, is no one able to assist me?

Who can I contact to either delete the account, thus allowing me to recreate it, or enable login?


I need a zoom account can you please license my email.... ***********