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SOLVED Declined payments



It might be useful to anyone who runs into the same issue: please, check with your bank. If the payments are being declined, it's highly plausible that it's a security measure, especially if you are outside the US. 

This is what happened to me. My bank automatically blocked the transaction as it deemed it suspicious. I had to call them and confirm that I wanted to send the payment and that I knew the company I was sending it to.

The restrictions were then removed and the payment finally went through.  



Is there anyone who can help me, please?


I am a Pro Zoom user on a yearly subscription. I never have any issues with payments but this time, for reasons I cannot understand, my payments will not go through. 

My subscription expired yesterday and I have a due invoice that I have repeatedly tried paying but to no avail. I have sufficient funds and have absolutely no problems whatsoever with my card.


I honestly find it quite disappointing that I cannot freely talk to a real person from the support team. The AI is totally useless as it keeps misunderstanding my questions and offering pointless solutions. 


Please, help. 


Thank you. 



I experienced something similar, I have just renewed my pricing plan. It confirms that the payment was successful, but when I connect to my account, it says to me that I have only the base plan active with time limited conferences.

Help me too.


I am sorry to hear that. Have you tried submitting your request through a ticket? It allows you to actually interact with a human representative and not with AI. 

I was able to solve my issue by contacting my bank. It turns out they were blocking the transaction for security reasons, as Zoom is a foreign company. 

As for what's happening to you, I highly recommend you create a ticket. 
Try doing so here:

And please let me know how it goes|

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@SoySauceNoodles and @CEDCODI 


I'm not sure I understand fully what issues you are encountering or what countries either of you live in. Can you ask your bank to always allow payments to Zoom?

There are many support articles about Payments here. If you still need help, please submit a request to Zoom Billing using the form found here.


Thank you for your reply.
I probably wasn't very clear. What I meant was that my payment kept getting refused because my bank was blocking the transaction as it was deeming it potentially risky. It's an automatic precaution the bank enforces to prevent malicious activities. For some reason, the bank didn't recognize Zoom as safe and decided to temporarily suspend the transaction. 

I didn't know what was happening at first. I thought Zoom was refusing it for whatever reason and that's because I kept getting this "declined payment" type of message. It was only after talking to the bank that I realized what was actually going on. It was for security reasons. I then told them not to worry and that Zoom could be trusted.

By the way, I'm in Italy.