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Remove from An Account


During covid I set up a zoom account to be used for my church to meeting online, I used my email and information to set up the account.  Since then, the church organization has maintained and used the account.  I now need to set up a separate personal account for myself and Zoom is recognizing my email from the organizations account.  I've tried removing me from their account and it won't let me.  How do I remove myself from their account in order to set up my own personal zoom account?  There is another person listed as an administrator on their account that can take over their account. PLEASE HELP !!!  It's been very flustering trying to figure this out and technical support says the type of account they have does not come with zoom technical support



I'm having the same issue! For the same reasons. I did find that I could transfer ownership to another user under account management, but I still can't find where I can disassociate my email all together so that it frees it up to open a new personal account.