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Reg: Plan Management


Reg: Plan Management


Hello Zoom Support team


Kindly forgive me if anything wrong in my understanding., Kindly clarify the below.,


1-My requirement is Large Meeting ( for 1000 participants) , Is it necessary i have to buy both One Pro as well as Large Meeting , because it was a Add-on, Please clarify..,


2- I had paid for Large Meeting but still the system was showing one Invoice was pending, I had already shared the invoice to you in the previous mail., since i don't want any 

issues in assessing the ZOOM cloud, i had paid second time also., Kindly check whether it was paid two times and confirm.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Manonmani 


I recommend that you contact Billing Support for assistance. They may need to access your account to investigate.