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I thought I had cancelled the subscription but didn’t realise I had to go through notifications before the cancellation was activated. This is no longer required and I am looking for a refund, the subscription has just been renewed, can this be arranged please.



Hi @SueDavidson, I have the same issue as well. I just wanted to ask if your issue was resolved and were they able to refund you. Thanks

No I haven’t and I’m not sure what else to do to get a response!


They have given me a refund, should receive in the next 3-5 days.

That is great news! Can I ask what are the steps to properly ask for a refund? Because I have already contacted both Google Play and Zoom Support about, and they are just passing me around. I'm not sure where to ask for help.

Thank you.

I literally ended up clicking on so many things but I started a discussion in Billing and Account Management but when I raised it it gave you the option to add tags and a list, I selected the right one and that seemed to raise a case. I got a response pretty quickly against the case. Hopefully that works for you.