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Refund Webinar duplicated payments


I was not aware that the Webinar 1000 product was being automatically paid for two months. It was charged twice on February 12 and March 12, and I would like to refund these two payments. This is because Webinar 1000 will not be used from February 12th to April 11th. However, on April 3, 4th, and 9th, webinars with less than 500 people will be held, and these webinars can be held using Webinar 500 products rather than Webnar 1000, so we have paid additional Webinar 500 products on the assumption that Webinar 1000 will be refunded.
We're hoping that webinars that we've already booked for April 3rd and 4th will be able to take place under the Webinar 500, but we haven't heard back from Zoom support center yet. I'm worried that the upcoming event will be affected by any chance.