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[Pro license] consolidating accounts


Hi team,


We are a small business - and have 2 x Pro tiered licenses across 2 x accounts; vs what we should have done: have 1 account with 2 x licenses.


Does anyone know if its possible for us to consolidate these two accounts - on the Pro Tier?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @OSadmin_AU.


Sometimes Zoom terminology gets in the way.  Zoom refers to users (people who are Licensed to use Zoom or on Basic/free accounts) and accounts (one owner, possibly several users, possibly a couple of admins). Every user that needs to schedule meetings longer than 40 minutes needs a license.


Hopefully I’ve understood your situation!  If so, this should work…


If you have 2 accounts, each with a single user who is the owner of their account, you need to decide who will become the Owner. There is a process for one owner to invite another user to join the owner’s account.  Please see this Zoom Support article for details:

Please read through the entire document before proceeding. If you have questions, go back here and let me know. 

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