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Issues with TechSoup Discount Code


Our nonprofit's zoom Pro was up for renewal in Jan 2024.  We received a 50% discount code through TechSoup and attempted to apply it.  Zoom would not accept the code.  Opened a zoom support ticket on 1/15/24 TS0468971, which went without response and couldn't be escalated.  Contacted TechSoup who gave us a NEW coupon code, which Zoom would also NOT accept and plan renewed at full price.  Opened Zoom support ticket BIL0406908 on 2/5/24 to request assistance (suggested by TechSoup).  NADA.  On 2/11/24, opened yet another support ticket on the same topic, BIL0436941.  I have screen shots of my unsuccessful attempts to enter the coupon codes, which are included in the support tickets.


As of today, I HAVE HEARD NOTHING from Zoom support.  Zoom seems to have worked out its issues and will accept the coupon code, but it does so as of today, which means that this discount does not seem to apply to this year. 


I want the coupon code to be applied as of the date it was issued and to have the 50% refunded.  We're over 25 days for dealing with this issue with zero response from Zoom.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to escalate or get some sort of response to the tickets?