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I'm unable to cancel my subscription


I have tried multiple time to cancel my subscription and it want go through 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @omichael003 ,


Please contact our billing department by opening a ticket using this link:

Please make sure you are logged in with your Zoom account so we can access all the necessary data on our end.

If this helped, please remember to click on the "Accept as Solution" button below.


I have encountered the same problem. The only way to escape from their rip-off was by canceling the credit card. I emailed and sent messages through their website many times, both one and two months prior to the renewal date—multiple times, in fact! The representative stalled by confirming my cancellation repeatedly. I informed him that I would not renew, and he said he would prepare the necessary documents. However, after that, there was no response, and he ended up canceling the ticket himself. This is a rip-off, and I am very unhappy about it. It seems there's no way to contact them except to receive their overdue notices. My card was automatically charged by them last time for one year, which I could not stand and did not expect from Zoom. Consequently, I canceled my credit card.

Edit: I have to edit this reply... It seems that they have accepted my refund.
Hopefully everything goes well (it takes 5-10 days for the refund to be processed)
Thank you to the staff that try to do their job as good as possible!

Zoom only cancels the subscription if you do not pay the invoice (I did not have the funds at that time and I did not want to continue for a whole year), though I have been asking for a cancellation since I saw that they made a renewal (without informing beforehand, of course - because that's how you treat your customers who have been on your platform for more than 3 years).

I paid it after the cancellation, thinking that they would give a refund for the remaining 11 months... :))
I should have come on this forum before paying...
I am waiting for their response, but as it seems... they are not serious.
The company only thinks of how to get more money, not of helping their customers. They probably don't have enough staff to answer, the staff that exists is not well trained or they are trained to take the money, not in helping clients (and keeping them, for that matter). They have been polite in their short answer (yes, one answer...), though they don't help :))
So I am seriously considering of never using their services again. There are other good platforms out there that actually have better offers. Some of which are free (for what I need).

Zoom became too big, too fast and cannot sustain itself.
I am curious if big businesses have issues with them... or they are treating this way only regular people. 
I think I know what the answer is...