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I dont understand the plans.


Hi, I'm a freelancer.

Companies I'm working with are sending me zoom meeting and limited to 40 minutes so every time we all need to re-join.


If I will buy a Pro plan for myself, and a basic user will invite me to Zoom meeting so there will be 40 minutes limit for all the participants?


And if i'm inviting people to my meeting, all users (basic+pro) will not have time limitation?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Netanelu,


Yes, a user account with the Pro license can schedule and start meetings with up to 30 hour durations.  Anyone with any account -- including Basic/Free accounts -- can attend a meeting hosted by a Pro account for the entire duration of the meeting as well.


User accounts without paid Pro licenses are limited to 40 minute meetings when they schedule and host the meetings... even if any attendees have Pro accounts.


I hope that helps!

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