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I am being charged for a pro account for 2 months... But my account still appears as a basic one



The title sums it up... I've been charged 3 times for a "pro" account (and I have invoices for each payment) and yet my account is a basic one : my meetings ends after 40 mins and can't open a ticket (meaning : I have absolutely no possibility of contact to any customer service). To be fair : I open 2 tickets but they are not being taken into consideration (no one replies nor reads them).

Really not happy (obviously) and wondering about the legality of all this... So I try here to see if I can get some attention



oh : the best part? I can't resign!!!!  Am I going to be charged for life for a service I don't get?

I've been getting charged for a pro account for 6 months after switching to basic.... no customer service to mitigate the issue and I have provided them the invoices and account number......nothing....what a crap company..... now have our lawyers on it. 

Yeah : lawyers seams the way to go... since zoom doesn't care