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Free Zoom not a thing anymore?

I've not used my free zoom account for several months and was wondering today, if the free version has gone away for all intents and purposes? (This is for private use, not a business. )
My log in still works and I'm capable of "scheduling" meetings but it won't send an email invitation to my one invitee.  For my 4th attempt I put the meeting on a shared calendar with the invitee.  The invitee clicked on the link but I was given no option to launch or start for that meeting, it only offered the option to  "Join" (which obviously wasn't possible because the meeting had not been launched).  Thanks for any info!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @juanadelmar welcome to the community! Have a couple of questions to maybe pinpoint us to the issue here. When you say you're able to still schedule meetings (which is good), where are you scheduling your meetings from e.g., web portal, Zoom client, or Google cal (or other integrated calendar services)?


You mentioned a shared calendar, is this through Google Calendar?  For example, The Zoom for GSuite add-on is the option for you if you're using a personal Google Calendar, 

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