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Eliminating the need for a host being present


I have turned my "New Waiting room and join before host experience" ON yet my participants are still going in a wait room. I need settings so they can meet in my absence. Please help. I've read all your support articles...they just aren't working.  The Chat Bot suggests turning in a work ticket but find no place to do that.  This app is totally useless to me if I can't allow my team to meet in my absence.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Zoom meetings are required to have at least one security measure;


  • Waiting room
  • Passcode
  • Registration

If no security option is enabled, Zoom will automatically secure all meetings with Waiting Room. 


if you want to disable the waiting room and use join before host you will need to use one of the remaining   2 security options.

Your other option is to make someone an alternative host if you can’t be there as the host.




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