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Payment related issues with zoom


I see a message on zoom when I login that I have an outstanding amount to pay. But when I click the link Im directed to a page where there are no pending invoices. I have paid all my dues and my subscription fees. I do not have any new add ons. I had one old add-on which was charged at 865 rs per month, but now that plan is updated and it is no longer present in the list of add ons. Please help me get rid of this message as I says I could loose all my paid features. I dont even mind paying it but I do not see any way in which I can pay for it.


Im pasting the message below. 


Your account has an outstanding balance of ₹865.00. If you do not pay your balance, you will lose access to all paid features and cloud recordings. Click here to pay your outstanding invoice(s) or click here for support.