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Download copy of my BAA from current account (not a new account)


I need a copy of my BAA, which was signed several years ago, but I am unable to find it. I contacted Sales, but have not heard back. Is there a place within my current account settings/management functions that will help me obtain a copy of the signed BAA? 



Did you ever find the answer how to find and download a copy? I need this as well and have searched and searched and sat online forever waiting for sales to answer the phone...



Yes, I actually was on hold for an hour with Sales to find out it in my account in a matter of seconds. Here is the pathway: Account Management, Billing, and Current Plan menu options. It should be there under your current plan description. If your BAA is not enabled on your HIPAA compliant Zoom account, the option to enable it is found by scrolling down the page at the above pathway (Account Management/Billing/Current Plans) to find a prompt "Interested in other available plans?"


Scroll down to find Business Associate Agreement and click on Enable (instead of Add to cart). 
For the BAA I signed back in 2021 before it was automated, I did have to request that in my call to Sales and it was sent to me within 24 hours. 
Hope this helps! 

I don't see the option to add a BAA.  Was that feature removed?  I contacted sales and still have not heard back. I waited 1 hour on the line and nobody picked up. I sent an email and still have not heard anything back.   I cannot proceed with using Zoom without a BAA on hand.

This was so helpful. Thank you!

Thank you...but I am not finding "interested in other available plans." I can see my BAA but cannot enable or click on anything regarding it. Anything else to know?


Looks like they changed the account settings/management settings in the margin. You can click to view the BAA, select print, and then save as PDF from the print screen. The best I got. 


Thank you so much for replying!

Yes, your answer absolutely helped. I appreciate it!


They seemed to have changed labeling in Account Management. I still can't find my BAA or info on how to enable one.


Yes, the margin menu options are different. I can now find my enabled BAA in Plans and Billing/Plan Management. 

Thanks for that new path. Unfortunately, when I look there (in "Plan Management"), I see my plan type, but even when I click on "Plan Details," I don't see BAA or Business Associate Agreement - or HIPAA -  mentioned anywhere at all.  Frustrating, because I definitely chose to activate a BAA when I upgraded to "Zoom One Pro."  That's really the only reason I decided to pay 😞


There doesn't seem to be a pathway that matches the wording shown in the post on 7/3/23.  No tab or menu item called "Account Management."  I'm on the website, not the app, if that matters.  I don't see "current plan" anywhere either. Can anyone tell me the pathway, with the exact current wording?  TIA!

Yes, the margin menu options are configured differently now. As of today, I can find my enabled BAA in Plans and Billing/Plan Management. 

Thank you for posting this more up to date response. Very helpful. For those needing to enable one, I found it by going to Plans and Billing -> Plan Management -> scrolling to "view more products" and the BAA is the final product in the list. The option to simply "enable" was present and it is now showing as a product in my Zoom Pro plan.