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Constant password change


Is anyone else getting emails all the time telling you to change your password or they will change it for you? This is ridiculous as I have now had to change the password at least 5 times in a few weeks.  Is there a work around or someone to actually stop this on Zoom's end? This is part of the email:

We're reaching out to you as we've determined that your login and password for Zoom may have been compromised on another service. At Zoom, we take extra steps to help prevent compromised credentials from other platforms from being used for your Zoom account.
We recommend you immediately reset your password and enroll in two-factor authentication to further secure your account. If the password for your account has not been reset in the next 24 hours, we will reset your password as a safety measure to prevent any potential unauthorized access to your account.


I haven't seen this from Zoom.  Hope others comments provide a solution!


YES!!!  This is totally annoying, I have now been forced to change my password 4 times in the last month and a half.  What can I do to prevent this?