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Cloud recording space


Hello, I recently received an email from zoom stating that my account is using more than the available cloud recording storage and that Cloud recording will be disabled on Jan 11. This is an integral part of our business and I cant afford for this to happen, it shows me that I have used 334.28 GB (6686% used)  of the available 5 GB (I dont understand how this is possible??) and that I either need to delete or buy additional storage space, when I go to the page to purchase it I can see that it's asking me to pay 100/month for 1 TB of space, is this what I need to purchase? My billing will go up from 19$ monthly to 119$ monthly for the cloud space, is this the only option? I'm confused as how if I am allowed only 5gb how have I been able to use 334, is there any way around this? I am not able to connect with zoom representatives! Please help!



Hello, you can download all the videos... if you need cheaper cloud storage, you can put them on a private channel on youtube of Vimeo... that's what I do.

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hello @pokerbootcamp,
 Here is a link to best practices for managing your storage limit:

You didn't answer the question. You were specifically asked how you can go 6000% over allotted cloud storage space? You were also asked how in the world it makes sense that billing goes up from $19/month to $119/month? 

I got the same error message - I went in and deleted but don't understand how I am using up so much space.  I've been recording for 3 years now and go this message a few weeks ago, deleted everything (It's being recorded elsewhere as well) and now all of a sudden I got the error again.  Did the space storage change recently??  I would love the answer to this question as well.  Do I have to go in in and delete every week or so now?